Dry carpet cleaning

As our customers become more concerned with the environment, our company has an obligation to provide an “Earth Friendly” cleaning method that is tough on dirt while being gentle on the environment.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Our Green Clean fits the bill!

We have modified our popular dry cleaning method to make it GREEN:

1. Less Fuel – We are able to keep our trucks OFF during the cleaning process.

2. Less Water – Our Green Cleaning process requires significanlty less water.

3. Less Waste – Less water means less waste.  A rotary maching scrubs your carpets and soil is absorbed through white cotton pads.

4. EPA Approved Cleaning Agent – We use Code GREEN which holds the US EPA Design for the Environment seal.

The Green Clean process also includes a grooming step which leaves your carpets looking great and dries with 1 – 2 hours.

And all of this with the Master Craft gurantee:  If you are not satisfied with your cleaning for any reason, we will come back out for free!